Argan Oil for Vitiligo

Argan Oil for Vitiligo

Argan oil is the oil extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, usually found in Morocco. It is highly nutritious and also has various cosmetic and medicinal properties.

Mechanically pressed Argan oil is supposed to be more nutritious than any other commercial oils and it contains tocopherols, carotenes, phenols, squalene, and around 80% unsaturated fatty acids. The important area of research on Argan oil is the phenol profile of this oil which comprises caffeic acid, oleuropein, vanillic acid, tyrosol, catechol, resorcinol, epicatechin and catechin. Modern research also explores on the effect of Argan oil on skin and skin diseases.

Some experts even term this oil as liquid gold for the people with certain skin condition. It has good moisturizing effect on skin and considered as a good home remedy for eczema and acne. It is also effective for flaking of the skin (addresses scaly and dry skins) as well as for damaged hair. Other medicinal properties of this oil includes controlling rheumatism and healing of burns. It makes hair shiny and brilliant.

This oil is increasingly becoming more popular among cosmetic products, especially over the past 5 years. Recent studies also proves that this oil can be used to control the de-pigmentation caused by vitiligo. A combination of extravirgin coconut oil and extra virgin argan oil can efficiently combat spreading of vitiligo. Hence several new age home remedies for vitiligo and vitiligo treatment plan involves usage of argan oil to stop the de-pigmentation. However when you buy argan oil, the important thing to note is the quality of argan oil, as most of the argan oil used for cosmetics is extracted after roasting the kernels to remove the nutty smell.

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Natural Vitiligo Treatment

Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil

  • 100% Pure, Organic Concentrate of Cold-Pressed, Raw Argan Nut oil from Morocco
  • Stored in a dark amber bottle for extended life and to prevent oxidation
  • Cures various skin diseases
  • Improves hair health and shine

4 thoughts on “Argan Oil for Vitiligo

  1. how to use argan oil on vitiligo .we drink it.aply on the skin?please tell me how…………thank you very much

    • Just massage the oil over the affected area, massaging our skin with oils like sesame oil, mustard oil, coconut oil or argan oil is good for the skin. In addition to keeping the skin healthy argan oil also treats vitiligo. Good luck

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