Red Clay Treatment

Red Clay Treatment for Mild Vitiligo

In simple cases of Vitiligo or when it is just starting, this treatment can be really effective. This treatment can also complement other conventional and natural vitiligo treatments. The treatment method is very simple and can be practiced every day.

What is Red Clay?

Red Clay is a kind of mineral soil with no calcareous material within the soil. This soil has less than 10% minerals. The color of the soil may vary from deep red to yellowish-orange based on the the iron oxide content (which actually gives the red color). This clay has a lot of other minerals (barring calcium and potassium) along with a mineral named kaolinite.

Kaolinite, is widely used for various purposes like cosmetics (most mud therapies have this component as the main ingredeint) and tooth pastes. It is also orally used as a medicine to soothe an upset stomach, commercially produced kaolinite is widely used for treating diarrhea. However the most important use of this mineral is in cosmetics in the form of ‘face packs’.

Red clay is also called as Ultisols, red clay is abundantly found in the regions of Africa, Asia, and South America. In America the term Ultisol is derived from “ultimate” as this soil is seen as the ultimate product of prolonged weathering of minerals under certain conditions of humidity, pressure and temperature. The soil is clearly acidic and being acidic improves the medicinal value of the soil when applied on the skin.

Red Clay Treatment for Vitiligo:

Application of red clay on skin has numerous benefits and it is widely used as a treatment for acne. Recent studies however prove that red clay can be an effective treatment not just for acne but also for treating Vitiligo. Ayurveda for long, has prescribed medicated mud packs to treat various skin conditions. Recent studies validate those practice. This treatment cures various other skin diseases as well and makes the skin smooth and shiny.


Make a paste using ginger juice and red clay. Apply it over the affected area, then allow it to dry. Wash it off gently after an hour. Practice this regularly for 3-4 months to see significant results. However this is very effective only on mild cases of vitiligo.

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