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Turmeric and Mustard Oil Treatment for Vitiligo

Vitiligo (leucoderma) is a disease which is hard to cure once it aggravates. Ancient verses from Siddha medicine says that vitiligo (called as வெண் குட்டம் in Tamil, in which the verses were written), it is very hard to cure vitiligo once it spreads over 50% of the body and on to the lips. However it stresses that this disease can be cured completely if the condition is treated before it aggravates. One of the medicines prescribed for this is a mix of turmeric power and mustard oil. In the western world a lot of myth goes around mustard oil, saying that it is bad for skin and overall health. However several studies have proved that mustard oil is good for health and quite safe on skin and can be even applied to the babies while massaging (check more about the properties of mustard oil in wikipedia) .

Tumeric Properties

Tumeric is often considered as the queen of herbs and is one of most important components of ayurvedic and siddha medicine. Turmeric is one of the most powerful naturally occurring antiseptic and anti inflammatory agents. Along with ginger it is often termed as an universal medicine as it cures various diseases. Turmeric is more widely used when compared to ginger for external application. In South of India most women take bath after applying turmeric paste over their skin. It prevents skin infection and also cures lot of skin conditions. It regulates body’s immunity and alleviates autoimmune diseases.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil has numerous health benefits, it aids body’s immune system and detoxifies body and controls oxidative stress. When used externally this oil will stimulate blood circulation in skin and aids in skin’s repair mechanism. Mustard oil along with turmeric can be a potent combination to treat various skin diseases, especially Vitiligo.

Tumeric and Mustard Oil

It is important to prepare the mixture in a correct way. It should not be prepared like a paste, it should made as a solution. 5 table spoon fresh turmeric powder (preferably organic) should be mixed with 200 ml of mustard oil. It should be mixed thoroughly without any lumps of turmeric powder in the solution. This should be applied on the vitiligo affected are in the skin. Please understand that turmeric will give a yellow color your skin and hence plan the timing of application. It is important to apply it twice a day for a period of 6 months.

It is easier to apply this if the white patches are in the covered areas like leg or body, however applying over facial vitiligo and vitiligo near fingers might not be easy during the day times. The results and speed of recovery will vary from person to person. If you start this treatment at a early stage then you can see visible results in under 5 months, the patches will considerably decrease or even disappear completely.

Unlike conventional medicine this treatment will not have any side effects and the results will be permanent. There are several other Natural Vitiligo Treatments that you can practice at home to get rid of this dreaded disease. What you need is a strong will and a belief that you can get rid of the disease, never fear or lose heart. Your mind can work miracles, the power of your mind coupled with the safe natural treatments can help you to over come this disease completely. You can also try the Vitiligo Treatment System

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