Vitiligo Surgery

Surgical and Adjunctive Therapies for Vitiligo

Surgical vitiligo treatment for vitiligo should be considered after proper medical therapy is provided. Surgical interventions for this skin disease include:

Vitiligo Surgery

1. Autologous skin grafts whereby the doctor removes healthy skin from another area on the patient’s body and grafts it or attaches it to the area affected by vitiligo.

2. Skin grafts using blisters are also used in the treatment of this skin pigmentation disorder. In this situation the doctor uses heating, freezing or suction to create blisters on the patients healthy skin and then removes the tops of the blisters and attaches

3. Micropigmentation or tattooing by implanting pigment into the depigmented skin.

Adjunctive therapies for vitiligo include:

1. Broad Spectrum Sunscreens that offer protection from UVA and ultraviolet B light should be used as the areas with depigmentation are at increased risk for sunburn and subsequent skin cancers. Patients should also be advised to wear protective clothing and minimize sun exposure sun avoidance.

2. Vitiligo Camouflage Cosmetics which include makeup, dyes and self-tanning lotions are also beneficial. A good example of vitiligo cosmetics is the Smart Cover Up Kit.

3. Psychological treatments are also important such as cognitive therapy and counseling are important as they improve the coping mechanisms of patients with vitiligo. Support groups are also helpful for their emotional well-being.

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